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A campaign to eliminate plastic tat from children’s comics and magazines

 Writing a wrong 

As the saying goes, the pen is mightier than the sword. Join this educational and environmental letter writing campaign to eliminate unnecessary plastic from children’s comics and magazines.

This is where pupil power meets pen power!

 An educational letter-writing campaign 

Write a Wrong is an educational letter writing campaign that aims to:

  • help children learn the skills of letter writing
  • give pupils both a real purpose and audience for their letters
  • provide teachers with the resources to help them teach letter writing

oh and, importantly…

  • eliminate unnecessary and environmentally harmful single-use plastic ‘tat’ from children’s comics and magazines

 How your letters can help 

Skye explains why writing a letter is important, and what difference it could make.

 Why Getting involved is important 

Getting involved is important because…

In 2021 Tesco were very close to following Waitrose’s lead and banning comics with plastic tat. But they never went ahead with the ban.

We hope, with a bit of encouragement from children, young people and adults, we can persuade them to go ahead with the ban.

If Tesco make the ban, then other large supermarkets will hopefully follow.

 How to get involved 

Getting involved is simple…

  • Write a letter or email to Ken Murphy, CEO of Tesco asking Tesco to stop selling children’s comics and magazines that have cheap, nasty plastic toys on the front cover
  • Use the address below and post the letter directly to Ken Murphy
  • Use the prewritten email (below) to fire off an email to Ken Murphy
  • Fill in the form to let us know you have sent a letter/email to receive a ‘Thank you’ email from Kids Against Plastic

For more impact: get a whole class (or school) to send individual letters!

Oh, and don’t forget to sign the petition, too.

 Resources to help you develop your writing 

Use the tabs below to access a bunch of useful resources.

Use these resources to help teach/ learn the skills associated with effective persuasive letter writing.

Letter Writing Overview
KAPtat Overview and Session Plans (PDF)


Lesson 1 – What is KAP Tat? Lesson 2 – Features of a Persuasive Letter  Lesson 3 – Persuasive Language Techniques Lesson 4 – Writing your Letter
What is KAP tat? (PPT) Features of a Persuasive Letter (PPT)

Example Letter (PDF)

Persuasive Language Techniques (PPT)

My Writing Bank (PDF)

Writing a Wrong (PPT)

KAP tat Letterhead, Template, logo (PDF)

KAPtat Non-fiction text

A comic-style poster to give pupils facts and information to help them write their KAPtat letters. Available to be printed at A4 size.

A4 poster – download

Use this ready-made letter template to help you layout your letter correctly.

Tesco Headquarters Address:

Shire Park Welwyn Garden City,
United Kingdom

Use this pre-written message (opens in your email client) to send Ken Murphy, CEO of Tesco, an email asking him to stop selling comics and magazines with tat on.

Open pre-written email

Coming soon.

CEO Address
Ken Murphy
Shire Park
Welwyn Garden City
Simon Roberts
Sainsbury’s Store Support Centre
33 Holborn
David Potts
Hilmore House
Gain Lane
Lord Stuart Rose
Asda House,
Great Wilson Street,
LS11 5AD

 Receive a ‘Thank you’ email from KAP 

If Let us know who you have have emailed/sent letters to and we’ll send you and/or your class a special ‘Thank you!’ email from Amy and Ella.

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