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A campaign to pick up 1 Million pieces of plastic litter


Ali’s ‘One in a Million’ campaign

The aim of Ali’s campaign is to get kids, parents and schools involved in making a change to the world around them, “doing their bit” while raising awareness about the dangers of plastic and over consumption.

The removal, and logging, of one million pieces of plastic litter is a great target to aim for.

This is an ambitious campaign, but anyone who knows Ali knows she has an abundance of energy and buckets full of passion for wanting to do all she can to help make a nicer, cleaner and greener environment.

Hi, my name is Ali!

I am 9 years old, live in Spain and am Kids Against Plastic’s Chief Pickup Office (CPO).

I am CPO for a reason – I’m a keen litter picker! I picks up regularly on my walk to school, collecting hundreds of pieces of plastic every trip that is safely disposed of instead of being left to litter the streets. I organise clean-ups to get my friends and community involved, and have even invented my own litter picking technique – the ninja pick!



 How YOU can get involved 

 Watch Ali’s campaign video 

 There are two main ways to support Ali and her campaign 


Pick up some plastic litter and log it on our app.


Take a photo of your litter pick and share it on social media using the hashtag #1millionlitterpick

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