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A campaign to ban plastic tat from children’s comics and magazines

Amy, Ella and Skye explaining what the KAPtat campaign is all about.

 So what is the KAPtat Campaign? 

KAPtat is short for Kids Against Plastic tat, with tat being the pointless throwaway plastic toys that magazine publishers add to their comics and magazines.

Not only are the toys themselves pretty rubbish – hence the term ‘tat’ – they are made from cheap plastics that are not commonly recycled and often end up in landfill, incineration or littered in the environment. Due to the significant numbers of comics and magazines sold – and therefore tat produced (from oil) – they also impact on the climate crisis.

Kids Against Plastic’s very own CCO (Chief Campaign’s Officer), Skye Neville, is leading the fight against plastic tat, and Kids Against Plastic are proud to be supporting her.

 How YOU can get involved 

The positive change against the un-necessary use of single-use plastics, like plastic comic tat, is important as we all do our bit against plastic pollution and the climate crisis.

We’ve got four ways you can get involved and make a difference.


Join a nationwide, pupil-led letter writing campaign to help bring about a positive change and ‘write the wrong’ that is plastic comic tat.


Send your photographs of comics and magazines on sale in shops to help demonstrate how ca-TAT-astrophic the plastic tat situation is.


Add your name to Skye’s petition on calling for supermarkets and shops to ban plastic toys on children’s comics and magazines. Help make a difference.


Use our ready-made resources, and the #KAPtat hashtag, to share this campaign with other people. Use your social media skills to help spread the word.

 Why bother about plastic tat? 

It’s sometimes tempting to think, ‘Why bother?’, when it comes to environmental action. I mean, what difference will reducing un-necessary plastic make?

Let, Skye, Amy and Ella explain.

 Terrible Toys 

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