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* This post is quite an old post, from the original Kids Against Plastic website. We’re keeping here for posterity 🙂 It’s been superseded by this post *

We’re aiming to pick up 100,000 plastic bottles, lids, cups, straws (and microplastics) from all around the globe – beaches, forests, road-sides, anywhere we find them. Why 100,000 – this is the number of sea mammals supposedly killed each year from being trapped in plastic or by eating it.

We’re doing this as part of our UN Global Goals and The World’s Largest Lesson-inspired learning and ‘take action’ project we’ve called Kids Against Plastic.

Along with others who wish to help us reach our total, and do their bit for the planet, we’re making progress –  all of which is recorded below.[/vc_column_text]

378 picked up at Attenborough Nature Reserve and along the Trent.

19 pieces picked up on Gedling Borough Park.

Thanks to Astrid for collecting 21 bottles!


12.4.18 We picked up 335 pieces on Ingoldmells beach

12.4.18 1332 pieces picked up on a short stretch of Cleethorpe beach!

13.4.18 Picked up 934 pieces on Hornsea beach (with grandparents!)

4.2.18 Went for a short walk near our house and collected 156 pieces of plastic in less than half an hour.

28.01.18 A huge thank you to the Auckland family for going out and collecting 476 pieces of plastic litter.

23.01.18 Many thanks to Zoe Holland and family for their pick up of 53 pieces of plastic litter.

01/01/18 The first pick up of the year. Whist out on a run collected 267 pieces of plastic on the second lap.

30.12.17 Thank you to fellow Kid Against Plastic Charlie (Charlie’s Quest to Save Our Oceans) for collecting 151 pieces of plastic litter.

30.12.17 Caught the bus into the city centre and then walked home, collecting litter along the way. Bagged another 876.

30.12.17 A massive thank you to Lily ( for contributing to our total adding another 1619. She is doing an amazing job of picking up plastic!

Thank you to Kirsty Cavill, one of the Kids Against Plastic supporters, for another contribution of 318 pieces of plastic.

29.12.17 Spent an afternoon walking around the local area and picked up 876 pieces of plastic beverage litter.

30.12.17 Thank you to Sarah and her two daughters for collecting 43 bottles from their local woods.

30.12.17 Thanks to Jen and Sim for heading out on a ‘rubbish run’ and collecting 26 plastic bottles.

30.12.17 Thank you to Glen Pilkington for going out in the dark and helping us to reach 50,000 by collecting 57.

30.12.17 Thank you to Georgina Stevens for collecting up litter as part of a beach clean and adding 6 to our total.

30.12.17 Thank you to Gail for collecting 72 pieces of plastic from Aberporth beach.

30.12.17 Thanks again to the Triggs family for collecting 7 bags of litter with 42 pieces of plastic to add to the total.

30.12.17 Thank you to Tillie and Hatty for collecting 3 bin bags full of rubbish, including 136 beverage plastic items.

28.12.17 After a full day of litter picking, stopping at various locations to pick up other people’s plastic rubbish we managed to collect a whopping total of 2,151 to add the the total.

Thanks again to Donna Rainey for more litter picks and adding another 668 to the total.

Thanks to staff and kids at Derrymount school for collecting 300 pieces of plastic to add to the total.

26/11/17 Returned to a hotspot in central Nottingham and picked up 562 of the big 4!

19.10.17 Got the kayak out again and picked up litter from a canal in Yorkshire. 117 to add to the total.

5.11.17 Went for another paddle on the River Trent and collected and removed 137 pieces of plastic litter.


An amazing 783 to add to the total from Newquay Beach combing.

14.10.19 A return trip to Sherwood Pines. We walked two of the trails and picked up all the plastic litter – another 257 to add!

24/09/17 After a run and cycle in Sherwood Pines, we picked up 183 pieces of plastic litter, mainly bottles and coffee cups left by people using the cafe.

Thanks again to Jason Rawles for adding more to the total. Another 76 bottles.

17.09.17 Collected litter whilst paddling along the Trent. Along with an array of bits and bobs collected 250 pieces of plastic. Thanks to model Andrew!

16.09.17 Inspired after the girls talked at The Good Life Experience festival, this little girl went and picked up litter at the festival and collected 5 pieces inc the bag. Super star!

Jason Smith @ChallengerWSM. 3 men on a boat for four days collected 147 plastic bottles and 47 plastic bags.

27.08.17 Another beach clean on Spurn Point. Collected 1186 pieces of plastic.

25.08.17 Musselborough beach clean with MCS Scotland and Exxpedition. 100 pieces of plastic along with various other beach litter.

24.08.17 A beach clean on the very popular and clean-looking Portobello beach near Edinburgh. Collected 207 pieces of the big four.

23.08.17 Whilst walking alongside and paddling (both kayak and SUPs) on the Forth and Clyde canal we collected 86 pieces of plastic as well as many glass bottles.

21.08.17 44 pieces of plastic litter collected in the school grounds of Mearns Primary after the girls had been in to do a talk.

20.08.17 Joined locals Christina and Stella for the monthly beach clean at Arrochar, a village at the end of Loch Long that gets layers and layers of plastic dumped on it with each tide that comes in from the Firth of Clyde. Collected 2040 of the big 4 along with a lot more!

19.08.17 Garelochhead – a village at the end of the Loch Gare where the tide washes up plastic on a daily basis. We collected 1189 pieces of plastic litter to add to the total.

18.08.17 Family beach clean in Fairlie, Scotland – somewhere we passed through when walking the 100 mile Ayrshire Coastal path. Collected 42.


Thanks to Dan and friends for picking up litter in Peterborough. Along with lots of other rubbish they collected 375 pieces of plastic to add to the total.

15.08.17 Collected 263 pieces of plastic on Ayr beach (plus some unusual items!)

13.08.17 Another canal. This time we collected 170 pieces of the big four plastic polluters.

12.08.17 Returned to Cardiff Pointe to collect another 294 pieces of plastic litter.

Cardiff Bay 1820 11.08.17 Joined Exxpedition and Keep Wales tidy for another litter pick event at Cardiff Pointe and collected 96 bags of litter! Reckon there was at least 1820 pieces of the plastic big four!

09.08.17 Heading up the coast now and stopped to pick up litter in the Exeter canal. With two of us walking alongside and two in the inflatable kayak we collected 75.

08.08 Managed to fit in another beach clean further up the coast from Plymouth. Can you guess how many?

07.08.17 Joined Exxpedition and a group of local children to clean up the shores near Plymouth University Marine Station to collect 350 pieces of plastic litter (along with a lot of other stuff!).

6.8.17 Arrived in Plymouth and did a local pick up in the harbour. Collected 36 to add to the total.

6.8.17 Joined Plastic Patrol today and along with others on SUPs removed 64 pieces of plastic from the canal.

Look at that smile! Thanks Luke and Ollie for adding another 46 to the total.

Thanks once again to Jason Rawles for picking up 38 pieces of plastic litter in his local area. Keep up the good work.

23.7.17 Picked up 442 pieces of plastic litter in and by the River Trent (only a fraction and we’ll need to return to collect more!)

Thanks to @ObanHopeKitchen for picking up 25 pieces of plastic beach litter.

July 2017. Thanks to Skipton Academy for picking up 887 pieces of single use plastic taking us over a third of the way to our total. Great to meet them at the Skipton Eco conference.

14.07.17 Local pick up of 167 pieces of single-use plastic

09.07.17 That’s us on the inflatable kayak collecting bottles from the canal in Nottingham….117 in total!

25.6.17 Managed to collect 22 bottles from the River Dove whilst out paddling.

The Davies have astounded us again collecting 544 pieces of plastic!

Catherine Gemmell picked up 17 during a recent beach clean.

Rebecca Brough picked up 2 bottles during a forest walk

Davies family 172 14/05/17 They’ve done it again! Another wonderful collection of plastic litter from the Davies family. 172 pieces of plastic (along with a wheel trim, 2 beer glasses, 5 take away trays, 15 poo bags, 20 glass bottles, 87 cans and countless wrappings)

14.05.17 Did another local pick up on the nearby streets. Collected 83 this time.

14.05.17 After a day at Trent Bridge watching the cricket we couldn’t leave without picking up some of the abandoned litter. Collected 383 bottles and cups and that was in only one stand.

07.05.17 Another big thank you to Davies family who collected a tremendous 72 to add to the total.

07.05.17 Sunday evening litter pick of the local streets and we found 82 pieces of plastic litter, mainly bottles and bottle tops.

30.05.17 Davies family jumping for joy after collecting another 136 pieces of plastic (34 bottles and 102 microplastics)

29.05.17 Davies family managed to pick up 19 pieces of plastic litter in 15 minutes! Thank you.

29.05.17 Another big thank you to Jason Rawles for collecting 238 pieces of litter in his area.

29.05.17 While we were away at Scout camp our parents went for a local litter clean and picked up 269 pieces of plastic litter along local roads.

A great haul from DOE girls Hermione, Helena and Charmaine – thank you!

Thanks to Jo Royle for picking up 47 plastic items of beverage litter (amongst lots of other litter) whilst on a beach in Skye.

12.04.17 Just a walk in the local area and we managed to pick up 220 pieces of plastic litter.

Thanks to Gavin and Kate for collecting 19 whilst out walking the dog.

Thank you again to Kirsty Cavill for another 48 towards our total.

Thanks to Luke and Ollie for collecting 52 plastic bottles whilst out on a canoe trip.

09.04.17 A beach clean whilst in Wales. 152 pieces found on Newborough beach on Anglesey.

02.04.17 Stopped at a layby on the A1 that had no bins and was covered in rubbish. Didn’t take us long to pick up 393 pieces of plastic.

19.03.17 Thank you to Evie (@minimatthewsontour) for collecting 7 plastic bottles on a canal walk.

Another fantastic contribution of 450 from Donna Rainey.

20 plastic items amongst the bags of rubbish collected during a beach clean. Thanks to Polly Small.

Thanks to @barefootaleks and runners @thebeerultra for adding 32 to the total whilst running their 6th lap.

A big thank you to the Wild Brothers for collecting 16 pieces of plastic litter.

120 MORE pieces of plastic beverage litter collected by the brilliant Donna Rainey!

18.3.17 – 1185 more pieces of litter collected from Spurn Point!

1,200 pieces of litter collected by Rozzy and her DoE group! Amazing job.

184 pieces of litter collected by Lena in Ireland!

12.03.17 Another roadside pick up with a whopping total that takes us over 25000 – quarter of the way there!

A huge thank you to the Haynes family for picking up 1000 pieces of microplastic on beaches in Spain during their travels.

11.03.17 Whilst cycling and running around Rutland reservoir we collected 183 pieces of plastic litter.

09.03.17 Fellow Get Outside champion Jason Rawles has done it again! Whilst out on a walk around Lake Lyn he picked up 301 pieces of plastic. Thanks Jason.

The Banks family are travelling around Europe and, shocked by the amount of plastic on Greek beaches decided to do something about it, contributing 550 to our total. A big thank you!

Jan Wells (and her pooches) have been collecting litter since January and we are grateful for her contribution of 64 to our total.

Once again thank you to Kirsty Cavill for another 42 pieces of plastic litter found.

Thank you to Jim Newman for the 1000 plastic pieces of litter that he’s collected on the roadside near his house.

05.03.17 Another big thank you to Donna Rainey for collecting 750 plastic bottles as well as other litter on Magilligan beach in Northern Ireland.


05.03.17 This was our two minute beach clean on Fraisthorpe beach. Amongst the pile of rubbish that we collected were 13 plastic beverage items.


04.03.17 Amazing how much rubbish you can find at the side of roads. 914 pieces of plastic beverage litter in fact!

02.03.17 A local litter pick along the road and by the river.

Lizzie with 1000 bottles Lizzie is one of the Kids Against Plastic Ambassadors and a fellow OS Get Outside champion. She collected 1000 plastic bottles when paddling by SUP the length of England.

February – you can find litter everywhere. We collected 23 on our to the Excel in London when talking at the Oceans Festival.

15th Feb Another 17 from Jason Rawles who’s aiming to collect 1000 by the end of the month!

January – The Outdoor Bloggers did a Big Clean Up week (20th – 27th January) and collected hundreds of pieces of plastic litter, adding 700 to our total.

February – A big thanks to Nick from Impact Marathon collected 8 plastic bottles littering Shivapuri National Park

1.02.17 Thank you to Nikki Triggs and family for their 38 pieces of plastic litter collected during their January litter pick.

29.1.16 – 587 bottles collected along a local roadside

30.1.16 – 26 bottles collected by the amazing Kirsty Cavill (30% of which were single-use water bottles)!

28.1.17 – 60 plastic bottles collected by Mary-Ann and Joe Craig!

200 more bottles collected by the brilliant Donna Rainey!

24 pieces of plastic beverage litter collected by Craft Invaders!

14 pieces of plastic beverage litter collected by Four Acorns!

28.1.17 – 27 pieces of beverage litter collected by Zoe Homes (Splodz Blog)

27.1.17 – 5 bottles collected on a walk with OS #getoutside champions!

22.01.17 Family beach walk and managed to collect 159 plastic pieces of litter swept up on the beach

20.01.17 First day of the Big Clean Up and thank you to Jen and Sim Benson (@jenandsim) for collecting 40 plastic items (along with other rubbish) whilst out on a run.

Barefootphotographer 43 pieces with number

14.01.17 Thanks to @BareFootPhotographer and Eysa (the hound) for their collection of 43 plastic bottles from Scilly Rocks.

Donna with number

15.01.17 This is an amazing addition to the Wall of Fame. A big thanks to Donna and pals for their collection at Larne Lough.


08.01.17 @julndevon tweeted a photo of their liter pick with 11 to add to the total. Another big thank you.


08.01.17 A beautiful walk in the woods spoiled by litter. Picked up another 49 to add to the total.


02.01.17 – 25 plastic litter items collected by the Hull family (along with a load of other beach litter). A big thank you to them.


02.01.17 – Surprising how much you can find on one beach. We didn’t even make it to the end of Spurn Point and collected 564 pieces. As well as this some other volunteers on the beach collected 200 – a big thank you to them.

6 pieces of plastic collected by the brilliant Kirsty Cavill.


23.12.16 – 74 pieces of plastic beverage litter collected in a festive beach-clean


4.12.16 Amazing what you can find chucked at the side of country roads! 273 pieces of single plastic bottles, lids, cups and straws.


26.11.16 Picked up 22 bottles whilst out on a walk in the countryside. – most of which were found on the roadside.


13.11.16 Thanks to Kirsty Cavill for her continued support with another 61 single use plastic bottles and lids to add to our total.


13.11.16 – 94 bottles collected walking around London (note the Shard in the background!)


06.11.16 Astrid Shepherd picked up 89 single use plastic beverage items (plus a couple of supermarket trolleys on the way!)


3.11.16 – 30 bottles collected by Eddie the Hedgehog (mascot of Home Ed group, Daventry)


10.10.16 – 98 pieces picked up at two service stations on the M6


9.10.16 – 1,680 pieces picked up by Matt Heason and friends during a village clean up!


6.10.16 – 101 pieces picked up around Blackshaw Moor



507 pieces of plastic picked up while walking into Blackpool


101 pieces of plastic collected during a walk around Liverpool.


11.9.16 – 19 bottles collected on the way back from a Sunday lunch!



11.9.16 – 7 MORE bottles collected by Kirsty Cavill!



10.9.16 – 27 pieces of plastic collected from a beach in Anglesea (with Jason Rawles!)


9.9.16 – 40 bottles collected by the awesome Polly Small and her son Frankie!


13th Beach Clean Denmark (83+69)

13.8.16 – 152 pieces of plastic collected on the North West coast.

5th August Rob (68)

5.8.16 – 68 bottles collected by Rob and his amazing son!

12th Aug 2min becah clean Denmark (13 + 22)

12.8.16 – 35 pieces of plastic collected during a 2 minute beach clean

2nd Aug Astrid (25)

2.8.16 – 25 more bottles collected by the amazing Astrid.

31 July Elizabeth Peters (12)

12 bottles collected by Elizabeth Peters

2nd Aug 2016 (46) Astrid

2.8.16 – 46 bottles collected by Astrid and friends.

18.7.16 – 29 pieces of plastic collected from a park in Arnold.

watchwood pickup147

14.7.16 – 147 pieces of beverage litter collected in different forests around Nottingham

Astrid 11

18/6/16 – 11 MORE bottles collected by the brilliant Astrid Shepard, with the help of Andy McLean, Jane Attard, Becky and Mark, Luke Hull and Ollie, Dave Selby and Max Gruening. Thanks guys!!!


About 10 bottles picked up as part of the 2 Minute Beach Clean

Fraisthorpe 11th June 109

11.6.16 – 109 pieces picked up from Fraisthorpe beach

Steve Blethyn Bottles

10/6/16 – 28 bottles collected by the brilliant Steve Blethyn!!!

191 Southport 30th May

30.5.16 – 191 pieces of litter found on Southport beach.

Beach clean 98

8.6.16 – 98 pieces collected from Hornsea beach.

SteveBBottles copy

23.5.16 – 36 bottles collected by Steve Blethyn!

13262145_10154203461176306_309983308_o copy

23.5.16 – 16 bottles collected by the awesome Eleanor Williams!


11 May Ben LAwers 27

11th May – 27 bottles, tops and lids collected on the way down from Ben Lawers.

10 May Drive to Maragowen 55

10th May – 55 pieces picked up from lay-bys on the way from Fort William to Killin.


May 2016 – 9 bottles picked up by Michelle Williams. Thanks so much Michelle!

Ieva Balode Isel of Skye 22

May 2016 – Ieva Balode collected 22 bottles when on the Isle of Skye. Go Ieva!

Yes Tribe IOW 201

May 2016 – an amazing 201 items picked up by the YES Tribers during their microadventure on the Isle of Wight. Yay! – thanks guys!


5.5.16 – 1201 pieces of beverage litter (in particular bottle tops!) collected from Strathclyde Country Park.

Eleanor WIlliams 3

May 2016 – 3 items picked up by the brill daughter of Eleanor Williams!

Elise 3

3 bottles collected by Elise Downing during her (ongoing) around the UK run!



2 bottles collected by Ieva Balode on Ben Nevis!


Eleanor bottles

4 bottles collected by Eleanor Williams.


Astrid 13

A baker’s dozen collected by the brilliant Astrid Shepherd!


81 2.5.16

2.5.16 – 81 pieces of beverage litter collected from our Hadrian’s Wall Walk (Rickerby – Bowness on Solway)


38 30:4 - 1:5

30.4.16 – 1.5.16: 38 bottles collected from along our Hadrian’s Wall Walk (Steel Rig – Rickerby)

28.4.16 – 3 pieces of plastic litter collected from along the Hadrian’s Wall Walk (Chesters Roman Fort – Steel Rig)

4 pieces of beverage litter collected by Aleks Kashefi.


27.4.16 – 52 pieces of beverage litter collected from along the Hadrian’s Wall Walk (Wall Houses – Chesters Roman Fort)


171 pieces of plastic litter collected by Jason Rawles!


227 pieces of plastic litter collected from the Hadrian’s Wall Walk (Newcastle – Wall Houses)


25th April 607

25.4.16 – 607 pieces of plastic beverage litter picked up from the cycle trail between Tynemouth and Newcastle.

190 bottles

24.4.16 – 190 pieces of plastic collected from Whitley Bay.

22 bottles

24.4.16 – An awesome 22 bottles collected by Elizabeth Peters.


3 peaks 22 april 203 copy

22.4.16 – 203 pieces of beverage litter (mainly bottles) picked up while walking the Yorkshire 3 Peaks.

22.4.16 – 7 bottles picked up by Jason Rawles.


6.2.16 – 27 bottles collected from roadside in Tournehem, France


8.2.16 – 20 bottles collected from roadside in Guignicourt, France


22.2.16 – 16 bottles collected from cycle route to Aime, France


24.2.16 – 21 bottles collected from cycle route to Bourg-Saint-Maurice, France

Lois & Macy

24.2.16 – 100 bottles collected by the Dyer Family in their local park


25.2.16 – 6 bottles collected from cycle route to Bellentre, France

2nd March Bourg St Maurice

2.3.2016 – 70 pieces of litter removed during a walk in Bourg St Maurice.

Nice beach March 2016

9.3.16 – 300 bottles etc removed from the beach at Nice and recycled.


11.3.16 – 7 bottles collected around our camping aire

St Marie Du La Mar

11.3.16 – 196 collected from St Marie Du La Mar beach

Astrid's bottles50

12.3.16 – 50 bottles collected by Astrid Shepherd on her way home from work.


15.3.16 – 245 pieces of plastic beverage litter (mainly plastic straws) picked up from Vilanova beach, Spain.

barlows 17th March

17.3.16 – 154 pieces of plastic litter picked up by the brilliant Barlow family.

Torre del sol

17.3.16 – 89 pieces of plastic drinks litter picked up along the La Torre Del Sol beach, Spain.

Alcossebre - 18th March

18.3.16 – 6 bottles removed from a coastal path in Alcossebre, Spain.

MAdrid 30 March

30.4.16 – 17 pieces of plastic litter removed from Madrid’s Parque El Retiro

Benicassim 134

22.3.16 – 134 pieces picked up in Benisassim

El Estorial 202

31.3.16 – 202 pieces of litter picked up near El Escorial.

100 pieces of plastic litter picked up by Kirsty Cavill over Easter

Salamanca 301

02.4.16 – 301 pieces of litter picked up in Salamanca, Spain.

Jason and Sarah bottle

3.4.16 – 7 pieces of plastic picked up by Jason Rawles and Sarah Stead

El Estral

4.4.16 – 360 pieces of plastic litter picked up at Tordesillas, Spain

Polly 20 4th April

4.4.16 – 20 bottles picked up by the brilliant Polly Small and her eight year-old son. Great work!

137 Wed 6th April Oyambre site

6.4.16 – 137 pieces of plastic picked up on Oyambre beach

plastic pick up alexandra moyes 75

75 bottles collected by the super Alexandra Moyes and Chris Barnes.

Wed 6th Kirsty Cavill

6.4.16 – 9 bottles picked up by the awesome Kirsty Cavill

13th April Fretters 10 bottles

13.4.06 – 10 bottles picked up by Jo Fretter and daughter. Well done guys.

astrid and ruthie 17th April 16 bottles

17.4.16 – 16 bottles picked up by Astrid and Ruthie (aged 4) in separate locations but towards a shared cause.

Bridlington 19th April 209

19.4.16 – 209 pieces of plastic litter picked up near Danes Dyke.

astrid 5 20th April

5 bottles picked up by Astrid Shepherd. Great job!


Kirsty Cavill 19th April 7

Another 7 bottles picked up by Kirsty Cavill!


Steve Blethyn bottles28

A brilliant 28 bottles collected by Steve Blethyn.


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