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Pick up 100,000

Highlighting how the BIG 4 plastic polluters plaguing our environment

 What is Pick Up 100,000?

W e’re aiming to pick up 100,000 plastic bottles, lids, cups, straws (and microplastics) from all around the globe – beaches, forests, road-sides, anywhere we find them. Why 100,000 – this is the number of sea mammals killed each year from being trapped in plastic or eating it.

We’re doing this as part of our UN Global Goals and The World’s Largest Lesson-inspired learning and ‘take action’ project we’ve called Pick Up 100,000.

Along with others who wish to help us reach our total, and do their bit for the planet, we’re making progress –  all of which is recorded below.

So, if you’d like to do similar – and do your own litter picks – we’ll include you in our Hall of Fame, that would be so cool. All you have to do is send us a photo using the form on the right of this page.


       current total      

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