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 You’ve raised awareness!

Thank you for sending us your evidence for successfully completing Stage 2 Raising Awareness about single-use plastic. We are so grateful for your hard work and think you and your pupils are amazing!

It’s great that you have completed Stage 2, but please don’t stop there… we really hope you strive to make it as a Plastic Clever School by completing Stage 3.

In Stage 3 your school works to cut down its use of single-use plastics, particularly the BIG 4 items (bottles, disposable cups + lids, straws and bags), and encourages the use of reusables among staff and pupils.

Suggested Steps:

Step 1: Take action against the single-use BIG 4

  • Identify where a reusable alternative to alternative to ONE of the BIG 4 might be ‘swapped in’
  • Try and provide access to tap water, water fountains and washing facilities (when safe)
  • Encourage the use of reusables among pupils and staff
  • Where single-use plastics can’t be avoided, provide information and recycling facilities

Steps 2, 3 and 4

  • Repeat Step 1 three times, each time taking action against a different BIG 4 item
    NB. where single-use plastics can’t be avoided, provide information and recycling facilities

Step 5: Let Kids Against Plastic know

  • Send us a photo of your good work to gain your Plastic Clever School status

To help you with your amazing work, we’ve linked to some resources to help you successfully achieve Plastic Clever School status – we hope you find them useful.

Printable Resources

An A4 Poster about why single-use cups + lids should be avoided.

An A4 poster about the issues with single-use plastic bottles.

An A4 poster which looks at why we should avoid single-use plastic straws if we can

An A4 poster which looks at single-use plastic bags and their environmental impact

A bank of facts about plastic pollution to support your work on eliminating BIG 4 items.

A child-friendly Stage 3 tracker sheet (you can print this and stick it below the Stage 2 tracker sheet if you wish)

Interesting Case Studies

Infant School Setting

Junior School Setting

Yr 6 /7 Transition Project

On completion of Stage 3 …

When you’ve completed this stage, send us a photograph using the form on this page and we’ll send you some goodies to say Thank You and CONGRATULATIONS on achieving Plastic Clever School status..

Any questions or feedback, please do get in touch.

Thanks again for your amazing work!

Thank you for completing Stage 2 Raising Awareness!

We’re so glad that your school has worked hard to raise awareness of single-use plastic and plastic pollution. You are now just one Step away from reaching Plastic Clever School status. Whoop! You’re amazing!

Your ongoing commitment against plastic pollution gives us hope that one day single-use plastics will be eliminated whenever and wherever it is possible..

So, please carry on your amazing work and complete  Stage 3.

Ideas from others

Need ideas for things to do?

Here are some examples of work and activities that another school has completed on their journey to becoming Plastic Clever.

Use the form below to submit some of your photos and work to show how you have tackled the BIG 4, and we’ll confirm your Plastic Clever School status.

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    Other BIG 4 resources

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