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Thank you for registering on our Plastic Clever School initiative! Yay, it’s great to have you onboard!

What now?

With registration completed, you are now ready for Stage 2 – Raising Awareness.

Stage 2 is all about making as many people as possible aware of the issues associated with single-use plastic, whether it’s drinks bottles, cutlery or straws – it doesn’t matter! The important thing is you get people talking about disposable plastic and how much they use.

So, get your pupils finding out about plastic pollution, and then sharing their findings with others. This could be through assemblies, Show and Tell, presentations, or through making posters and displaying them around your school. There are no set rules; all we ask is that you send us some photographs of some of the work you’ve done to raise awareness.

Resources to help you Raise Awareness

This Digital Welcome Pack contains links to some resources to help you complete this stage. We hope you find them useful.

Printable Resources

An A3 Plastic Clever School ‘Steps to becoming Plastic Clever’ poster with suggested activities *

A pupil-friendly Progress Tracker – a chart to track your progress through this stage of your Plastic Clever journey

An ocean-themed clip art bundle – use this download link to access the images and then use them for displays and general use e.g. poster making

An A3 printable poster – a “We’re raising awareness of plastic pollution” poster to help you galvanise support *

Ideas – an Ideas Bank to help you complete this stage, Stage 2 – Raising Awareness *

Four page spread titled: ‘An Introduction to Plastics’ taken from Amy and Ella’s book Be Plastic Clever, published by DK:  Pages 18 & 19 | Pages 20 & 21

Plastic by Numbers – some shocking statistics about plastic pollution written by Will McCallum Head of Oceans, Greenpeace.

Five Steps For Getting Rid of Plastic written by Will McCallum Head of Oceans, Greenpeace.

Recycling Myths Busted by Hull University

An information text about Sea Turtles and the impact of plastic.

Learn about Marine Litter in the UK. A resource by the Marine Conservation Society UK

Learn about the Blue whale and other cetaceans with this colourful one page resource, again from MCSUK

Other Resource Collections

To make life easier, we’ve also bundled resources up under the following headings:

Case Studies

Infant School Setting

Junior School Setting

Yr 6 /7 Transition Project

On completion of Stage 2 …

When you’ve completed this stage, send us a photograph using the form on this page and we’ll send you some goodies that will help you move onto Stage 3 – Plastic Clever School Status.
Any questions or feedback, please do get in touch.

Thanks again for your amazing work… and for being so awesome!

Thank you for registering, you are officially AMAZING!

We’re so glad that your school has registered, and we hope you will work your way through to becoming a Plastic Clever School.

Your commitment against plastic pollution is very much appreciated.

Together, we can all make a difference.

Ideas from others

Need ideas for things to do?

Here are some examples of work other schools have done to Raised Awareness.

Use the form below to submit some of your photos and work to show how you have Raised Awareness, and we’ll move you onto the last step, Being Plastic Clever.

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    Other Kids Against Plastic resources

    Sustainability activities for young children

    | Learn

    Big Dreams, Little Footprints is a new series of beautifully curated how-to books for busy, weary parents on how to guide and inspire their children to stand up for the…


    Top Tips from Plastic ‘Free’ school, Georgeham Prmary

    | Blog, Plastic Clever

    We’re delighted to feature some useful tips and advice for schools looking to reduce their plastic consumption from Georgeham Primary School in Devon. Download the PDF below. Well done everyone…


    Lydgate Junior School – Raising Awareness of Plastic Pollution

    | Blog
    Amazing work Lydgate Juniors! We received an email this week from the teacher involved the great environmental that's taking place at Lydgate Junior School and it's no exaggeration to say how blown away we were! Their efforts to raise awareness of plastic pollution was not just limited to within their school, or to the parents and carers of the pupils - no, they succeeded on spreading key environmental messages far and wide.
    Read More

    Town Lane Infants become a Plastic Clever School

    | Blog
    Huge congratulations to Town Lane Infants for achieving Plastic Clever School status! The work that pupils did was nothing short of outstanding; so rich, colourful and creative. You can just tell they had so much fun learning. We were so impressed that we wanted to use them as a great example of what can be achieved. We've included some of their photos too so you can see the exhibits the children worked on.
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    A Plastic Ocean Assembly for KS3 – ppt file

    | Learn

    A Powerpoint presentation made by students of Haydon Eco Club. The students created and used this as part of their KS2 / KS3 Transition Project. For more information about the…

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    #NObutts infograph

    | Blog, Learn
    Here is an infographic we've been working on for a while to raise awareness of cigarette butts, both as a source of plastic litter but also as a threat to our health and freshwater and marine life. We've split this infographic across 3 sides of A4 so that you can easily print them out and trim them before making a large version of this information for your classroom or display boards.

    Plastic’s Journey in our waterways

    | Learn
    A very informative infographic about our relationship (reliance) on plastic and the realities of where and how it ends up in our environment.

    Plastic Clever Scouts and Guides

    | Blog, Do, Learn, Pin
    A case study and guide for becoming a Plastic Clever Guide or Scout Group. Thanks to Hannah Marsh and the 1st Thatcham Guides, we have just made available a case study and activity guide for any Scout or Guide group wanting become Plastic Clever.
    Read More

    Albatrosses are ingesting plastic

    | Learn

    Concerns about plastic pollution and specifically how it is affecting the health of Albatrosses. A short film made by Blue Planet II.

    Read More

    Trash Islands

    | Learn
    A lesson that uses research about the Great Pacific Trash Island (gyre) to investigate the effects of plastic pollution.
    Read More

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