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Make a change – become ‘Plastic Clever’

Plastic Clever is a ‘way of thinking’ as much as anything else. It’s about being cleverer with our use of plastic; a material that has been made to literally last forever, and yet it’s used everyday in millions of single-use plastic products that have a 5 – 10 minute lifespan before being thrown away.

And the bulk of them are not even recycled. HONESTLY! That’s just stupid, isn’t?!

The BIG 4 plastic polluters are our main issue at the moment: the coffee cups and lidsplastic bottlesstraws and plastic bags.

So, we’re encouraging people – and that includes YOU – to follow simple steps and take some simple action to help reduce the number of  single-use plastic items consumed (and thrown away).

By working with individuals, families, cafes, schools, businesses and anyone else we can, we are hopeful of a cleverer future.

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