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Climate Change

Learn more about how human processes are impacting our global climate

Education is a key part of the climate crisis solution

N ever has there been a more important time to promote the awareness and understanding of Climate Change than now. If children grow up informed and educated about the environmental issues, then they are more likely to support the solutions (and actions) needed to remedy them.

In our efforts to support environmental education (in school and at home), we’ve created some learning activity ideas, supported by appropriate images where possible to make them visual and engaging.

Where possible, we’ve tried to make the resources downloadable (and editable as Word files) – so you can use them more flexibly.

We’ve also bundled up some resources for your convenience (see right) .

We hope you find them useful.

 Easy Downloads 

Packs of resources to help save you time.

Climate Change PACK 1 – Teacher Resources for five lessons:

  • Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change
  • Plastic Life Cycle and Greenhouse Gases
  • Environmental Impact of Plastic Production
  • The Life of Single-Use Plastic
  • Where Does Plastic Go?

Climate Change Resources

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