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Last year, as part of our campaign, we picked up over 11,000 pieces of plastic beverage litter. We went to various locations around Europe and the UK; we wandered along beaches, roadsides, up mountains and through woodland removing any plastic bottles, lids, straws or cups. Others have also helped us reach this total. We’re really proud that we’ve managed to collect over 10% of our target amount and are extremely grateful for the help that others have given us but we’ve still got a long way to go.

This year, in 2017, we are aiming to pick up at least another 15,000 (if not more)! We are going to continue to pick up as much as we can but are also enlisting the help of as many people as possible to not only pick up as well but spread the word. After all, plastic litter is everywhere and it isn’t difficult to pick up a couple of pieces if you pass them.

We record how much we’ve picked up on our Wall of Fame and this also showcases all those who’ve helped us.

We’re also extremely grateful for the support of the Outdoor Bloggers who have helped organise a big clean up during the week of the 20-27th of January ( It isn’t one of those events that is on the opposite side of the country to everyone and only a couple of people can come. No. This event is for anyone and everyone – wherever you live!

outdoor bloggers clean up

During the 20 – 27th of January, we would like as many people as possible to go outside for one hour (or more) and pick up any litter that you see! We are only after plastic beverage litter (plastic cups, lids, bottles, bottle tops and straws), but feel free to pick up any other litter! If you do join in this clean up or do your litter pick at any other time please let us know by taking a photo and sending it to us via twitter (@ClearPlastic_UK) or on our Facebook page (ClearPlasticUK) with a total. We will add your photo and total to our Wall Of Fame. We would love to hear from you!

Thanks for the support and we hope to hear from you with any litter that you have picked up for us to add onto our total!

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