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Crumble and Flapjacks with a green twist

By November 12, 2023Gallery, November Challenge

I love cooking with Daddy and we try and make sure there is zero waste.
We make our own oat milk and then use the leftover pulp to either make crumble topping or flapjacks.

Our recipes:
Oat Milk
Soak oats in cold water
Blitz in a smoothly maker with fresh water, 1 part oats to 4 parts water
Strain through a muslin cloth
Take the leftover pulp for the next recipes

100g flour
50g butter
75g brown sugar
Oat pulp
100g oats

Add stewed fruit from our garden (our picture has apples from our tree)

Cook in the oven @ 180 for 40 mins, covered for 30 mins.

200g oats
100g sultans
100g blitzed apple cores (from the stewed fruit for the crumble)
Oat pulp

Cook in the oven @ 180 for 20 mins

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