Clear Up

Goal No. 3 of Kids Against Plastic – to collect 100,000 pieces of plastic beverage litter (and micro-plastics, pieces of plastic under 5mm in size). Sound ambitious? There is reason behind our rather challenging task.

Around 100,000 sea mammals die from entanglement or ingestion of plastic in the oceans – so we’re picking up one piece of plastic litter for every life lost. But this doesn’t change that fact that 100,000 is a BIG number. According to our calculations, it will take us over 5 years to collect that much litter, despite how much there is – and that’s if we picked up 50 pieces every day! Ideally, we would prefer not to spend a large proportion of our lives litter picking, which is why we need your help.

All you need to do to give us a hand is:

  • Get together with some friends and go and pick up any plastic beverage litter you see (eg. plastic bottles, cups, lids, straws and lids.)
  • Count the bottles, take a photo and email the photo to us as well as the total amount picked up –
  • Spread the word and get others involved

Thank you.

Pieces of Plastic Beverage Litter Collected

Find out more about our efforts to collect 100,000 pieces of plastic beverage litter below: