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“We have to make our life better for our kids’ children.”

Why? Because we live in a throwaway culture, and discard enough plastic every year to circle the Earth 4 times. Almost every piece of plastic we make will be around for hundreds of years, so not only are the future generation (my generation and our children) going to have to cope with their waste, they’re going to have to dispose of the plastic we generate now.

Not many people know this, or really appreciate what this means, but thankfully Plastic Oceans are releasing a new feature-length documentary (called ‘A Plastic Ocean’) in early 2017 which highlights the issue of plastic in the oceans, how it’s effecting the environment and why we need #awaveofchange. The film covers the gyres of the oceans (natural currents of the oceans that are turning into not-so-natural floating islands of plastic), plastic’s effects on marine creatures, even people around the world who have adapted to and use plastic for things you’d never even consider. It’s a really powerful film and, from the trailer, I think I agree with one of the film critics that watched the film – “Let’s hope that this film goes viral and that change begins here.”

We think it’s brilliant that a proper feature-length documentary film about plastic has been released. Please, if the film is being shown in the area near you, pop along and watch it. I can’t express enough how important it is that we spread the word about plastic and it’s negative impact on the planet, for the sake of the turtles and dolphins and other beautiful, innocent marine life killed by plastic. For the sake of the thousands of albatross chicks that starve with a full, plastic-stuffed stomach. And for the sake of the future generation. My generation.

Amy (13).


To find out more about ‘A Plastic Ocean’, visit:

Like I mentioned, this film hasn’t been released yet, although various screenings of the documentary are taking place all around the world. ‘A Plastic Ocean’ is also being released on I-Tunes and other online platforms on the 20th January.

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