Citizen GIS

Geotag plastic litter and help collect important data to help drive policy change


Thanks to technology made available by EsriUK we are now able to geotag all of the plastic litter (and other litter) we pick up.

And what’s even more exciting is the fact that you can too. In fact, anyone and everyone can use our litter logging tools for FREE. 

And it couldn’t be easier to do

– You can use a mobile phone or tablet to record your plastic litter as you collect it, or you can make a note and submit the data when you’re back home.

– You can use the downloadable app or a web-based app that runs in your browser.

So, easy-peasy, yeah?

our hope

We’re really hoping lots of people get involved in this social geography project because the more data we can collect, the more influence we can have on decision and policy makers to make the right decisions for our planet.

So, please do get involved and contribute (see right for details), and encourage everyone you know to do so, too.

And just as exciting – if not more – is the LIVE Map Data dashboard which allows you to analyse all of the data collected to-date.

We are really hoping these GIS tools and the data we all collect will be really useful for educators, students and change makers!

Thank you.

     How to take part     

Scan the code or click to open the logging tool.

     Getting started video guide     

     Live data dashboard     

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