Pick up litter and log it

A Citizen GEOGRAPHY Project

The map below shows all of the data for the Kids Against Plastic litter picks collected to-date.

About the app

  • Scan the QR code – shown right
  • You can use a mobile phone or tablet to record your plastic litter as you collect it, or you can make a note and submit the data when you’re back home.
  • You can use the Survey123 app (preferred) or a web-based version that runs in your browser.

Download the MySurvey 123 app

Opening the app

1. Scan the code to open the logging tool.

2.  This will open the Survey123 App. Click ‘Continue without signing in’ and the KAP litter survey should open, and away you go.

The app interface

The app has been designed to be very easy to use, suitable for all ages.

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