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Become a Plastic Clever Festival, you know it’s the right thing to do

Festivals have a terrible reputation for being generators go HUGE amounts of single-use plastic, particularly the BIG 4 items.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, being environmentally aware (or not) is a choice. So, if a festival produces bags of single-use plastic litter over its course, someone has made a decision for it to be that way! Hmm, that’s not so impressive is it? (particularly as the decision to be plastic stupid will have been made based on finances not morals or values).

It certainly DOESN’T have to be that way

Making a festival ‘Plastic Clever’ is quite simple. After all, remember, it’s not about being plastic free, just clever.

Here is the criteria for meeting the Plastic Clever Festival status:

  • Offer FREE water refills
  • Give people using reusable mugs and cups a discount.
  • Straws and lids are ONLY given out when asked for.
  • No single use plastic bags are used
  • Single-use plastic cutlery is only given out when asked for, and where possible, reusable cutlery is used.

Example of a Plastic Clever Festival: Yestival

Set in the delightful grounds of Brinsbury Agricultural College, Yestival is a place to meet new friends, catch up with old friends and be inspired (that’s guaranteed).

Yestival held what we think was the first ever 100% single-use plastic free festival. There was no single-use plastic anywhere during the festival. A free reusable water bottle went to each guest, a Yestival mug was used for all drinks from the cafe and bar, and food was served and eaten using recyclable paper and wooden plates and cutleryYou see – it CAN be done.

Think you qualify for the Plastic Clever status? Get in touch below, and we’ll send you a window sticker confirming your status!

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