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Kids Against Plastic – Plastic Clever Families/Individuals

We’re not asking for families to become single-use plastic free (well not just yet anyway), instead we’re hoping that families (adults and kids) will become a bit more ‘Plastic Clever’ and reduce, or even better, stop using the BIG 4 single-use plastic polluters in their every day lives.

And you do this by meeting some simple-to-achieve criteria:

  • Say ‘No straw please!‘ when ordering a drink at a cafe, pub or bar
  • Use a reusable coffee cup when buying a take-away coffee
  • Ask for free tap water refills and use a refillable water bottle instead of plastic bottles
  • Carry a Bag for Life to ensure you NEVER…. EVER… use a plastic carrier bag AGAIN

Extra savings can be made as any decent coffee shops these-days offers hearty discounts to customers using re-usable coffee cups.

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