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Kids Against Plastic – Plastic Clever Cafes


40%of the plastic generated every year is single-use – the items we buy from shops and, in particular, cafes when we’re thirsty or hungry, and yet have no option but to purchase plastic.

This percentage could be decrease drastically if we all made the effort to refuse plastic but, as we always ramble on about, there currently aren’t the options. That’s why we’ve begun our new initiative, encouraging and working with cafes to become ‘Plastic-Clever’.

All the Plastic Clever Cafe scheme involves is encouraging the use of reusable itemswith customers, and not automatically giving out single-use plastic (e.g. straws in drinks without request).

We’re pleased to supply you below with resources needed to become a Plastic Clever Cafe: a script of phrases to say when serving a customer,  a certificate and a poster explaining the Plastic Clever criteria.

We hope that through working with cafes to reduce their plastic footprint they will swap the single-use for non-plastic alternatives, or at least promote the use of reusable alternatives. And the response we’ve had from cafes to-date makes us confident that this is something that can be done – on a global scale.

Extra savings can be made too – the feedback from cafe owners has been that being Plastic Clever makes financial sense too.

Think you qualify for the Plastic Clever status? Get in touch below, and we’ll send you a window sticker confirming your status!

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