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Awe & Wonder

Celebrating the beauty and magnificence of the marine world

 prepare to wow, and be wowed!

B efore we can expect anyone to protect the natural world, we need help them learn to love it first. Ideally, that would be done through first-hand experiences, but for obvious reasons that can be quite tricky!

So, we’ve compiled a load of visual resources that will hopefully help you bring the ocean, and some of it’s glorious inhabitants, into your classroom or onto your screen.

Where possible, we’ve tried to make the resources downloadable – so you can use them more flexibly.

We’ve also bundled up some resources for your convenience (see right) .

We hope you find these resources as awesome and wonderful as we do.

 Easy Links

Sets of tagged resources to help save you time.

Awe & Wonder image gallery  – a link to resources tagged as photographs
All PDFs  – a link to all PDFs in the Learn section.

Awe and WOnder Resources

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