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 A photo says it all 

But lots of photos say it even better!

Let’s see which comics are the worst offenders of attaching pointless plastic tat onto the covers of their comics and magazines.

Next time you go into your local shop or supermarket, take a photo of the plastic tat you see. Then send it to us using the form below, and we’ll add it to the Wall of Shame! 

Thank you for submitting your photograph. We will review it and add it to the Gallery soon.

 Submit a photo 

  • Please enter your name
  • Please give your tat photo a title
  • Which supermarket or shop did you investigate?
  • How many pieces of plastic did you count on the comic/ magazine?

 Wall of Shame 

Tat in local sainsbury’s 🙁 23rd Oct

| Sainsbury | No Comments
There was lots (and i mean LOTS) of plastic on the shelves of my local Sainsbury's. There was even another shelf which I didn't manage to get in one photo!…

Sainsbury’s 15th Oct

| Sainsbury | No Comments
Local Sainsbury's stacked up with comics covered in #tat

Protected: Co-op Tat!

| Co-op | No Comments
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Sainsbury’s 12th Jan 2023

| Sainsbury | No Comments
So much TAT on the shelves at Sainsbury's in Arnold, Nottingham!

Tesco in Notts

| Tesco | No Comments
Gulp... lots of single use plastic on the comics and magazines in the Tesco in Nottingham!

Lidl in Bingham near Nottingham

| Lidl | No Comments
Lots of plastic toys and outer packaging. 

Waitrose in Bath

| Waitrose | No Comments
Lots of plastic on the art magazines and football mags.

TAT at the airport

| 15+, 6-10, Other | No Comments
When we were in Dublin airport,We where going to get a snack for the journey when we saw LOADS of kids mags with PLASTIC TAT!!🤬 

Tatty McTat

| Asda | No Comments


| Spar | No Comments


| Spar | No Comments


| Spar | No Comments
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