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A campaign to pick up 1 Million pieces of plastic litter

One young girl launches global campaign to log one million pieces of plastic litter


Ali’s One in a Million Campaign: A soon to be 10-Year-Old’s Ambitious Mission to Tackle Plastic Pollution

SEVILLE/NOTTINGHAM, June 23, 2023—Ali Waters Galán, a remarkable soon to be 10-year-old, is embarking on a mission that will inspire generations to come. Her goal? To collect a staggering one million pieces of plastic litter before she turns 11, within the span of 365 days.

Recognising the magnitude of this task, Ali understands that she can’t do it alone. To achieve this extraordinary feat, Ali in her role as chief-pickup-officer at Kids Against Plastic, is calling on the support of like-minded groups and individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the world.

Source: Gema Galán Estevez

Ali’s campaign seeks to engage kids, parents, and schools alike, encouraging everyone to play their part in creating a positive change in their immediate surroundings.

We all know plastic pollution is a huge issue but it’s sometimes hard to get our head around the numbers involved. Over 8 million metric tons of plastic flood our oceans annually. That’s like 80,000 jumbo jets filled with plastic, dumped into the ocean.

Plastic pollution has even made it onto our plates, with the average person consuming 5 grams of plastic each week

And if you thought recycling was the answer, think again. Only 9% of plastic waste ever produced has been recycled, leaving the rest to linger and take its place in oceans and landfills across the globe.

Ali said: “We all know that picking the plastic up doesn’t solve the problem, but it’s a great place to start

Together, Ali and her global team can turn this seemingly insurmountable challenge into a collective effort.  Their ultimate aim is to raise awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution and foster a greater understanding of our individual responsibilities in combating this global issue.

Imagine the impact if Ali, alongside 2739 others, collected just one piece of litter each day for a year. Suddenly, the objective becomes attainable and the magnitude of the challenge diminishes.

Ali’s mission transcends the act of picking up litter; it aims to emphasise the broader issues surrounding plastic overconsumption and its adverse effects on our planet. By shining a spotlight on the broader context, Ali hopes to empower individuals to demand meaningful action and drive essential changes in plastic legislation and production practices.

By actively participating in this eye-opening campaign, individuals can join Ali in urging for significant changes to plastic laws and production, promoting a cleaner, greener, and safer environment for all.

“Kids Against Plastic and litter picking got me hooked on environmentalism, maybe it will for you too”

The target of removing and logging one million pieces of plastic litter is both significant and admirable. Ali’s determination, coupled with her abundant energy and unwavering passion, sets the stage for a powerful movement with monthly challenges and different ways to attack plastic litter issues; the campaign is sure to inspire countless others to take action.

Ali has just one question for you: “Are you one in a million too?”


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Kids Against Plastic is an award-winning environmental education charity, co-founded by sisters Amy and Ella Meek at the ages of 12 and 10, respectively. 

The organisation has made a significant impact in the fight against plastic pollution, having removed over 100,000 pieces of plastic litter from natural environments. These efforts are meticulously logged on their innovative litter collection app. Kids Against Plastic’s influential Plastic Clever initiative has garnered cross-sector attention, with more than 50 cafes, businesses, festivals, and local councils joining the program. Additionally, their Plastic Clever Schools scheme has engaged over 1500 schools across the UK. Committed to a youth-driven approach, Kids Against Plastic boasts a Club of nearly 300 young members from over 10 countries worldwide.

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