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A re you a child that is eager to do their bit for the planet, and passionate to take action against plastic pollution?

If you are, we’d love you to join our Kids Against Plastic team!

The Kids Against Plastic team is a group of kids around the country that are working together to reduce use of single-use plastic, do litter picks and encourage more people to become Plastic Clever.

We are looking out for some environmentally conscious children to get on board and grow our team of kids fighting single-use plastic. With more children raising public awareness about the problems with plastic, we can make a bigger impact and show the world that us kids have a voice and should be listened to.

Sound like the sort of thing you’d like to do? Great!

Here are some things you could do as a Kid Against Plastic, to get you started:

    • Arrange and participate in litter picks in your area and send the total of single-use plastic you collected to us with a photo, so we can add you to our Hall of Fame
    • Lead by example; don’t use the big four plastic polluters (plastic coffee cups and lids, plastic bottles and tops, plastic straws and plastic bags) and encourage others to do the same.
    • Spread the word about the problems with single-use plastic.

If you are still keen to get involved, please use the contact form (on the right).

Find out about what our team of Kids Against Plastic have been up to in the posts below.

The Kids Against Plastic Team


July 1, 2019


May 21, 2019

Little Kickers

May 21, 2019


May 18, 2019


May 18, 2019


May 18, 2019


April 27, 2019


March 18, 2019


February 1, 2019


January 28, 2019


January 19, 2019


January 15, 2019


January 7, 2019


January 3, 2019


November 12, 2018


September 5, 2018


September 5, 2018


August 5, 2018


February 28, 2018


December 1, 2017


November 1, 2017


October 18, 2017


September 26, 2017


September 26, 2017


April 21, 2017

Steve Backshall

March 23, 2017

Sarah Outen

March 14, 2017

Dave Cornthwaite

Yes Man - Adventurer

Emily Penn

Oceans Advocate - Skipper

Ben Fogle

Presenter - Adventurer

Mary-Ann Ochota

Presenter - Anthropologist

Greg Foot

Science Presenter - YouTuber

Niall McCann

Adventurer - Biologist

Jason Rawles

Adventurer - Speaker

Kirsty Cavill

Animal Behaviorist - Adventurer

Richard Harpham


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Recent Kids Against Plastic Team Posts

Jessie joins the KAP team

| Blog
It was great to get an email from Jessie's Mum saying Jessie wanted to join Kids Against Plastic.
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Emma joins the KAP team

| Blog
We were so excited to get an email from Emma expressing interest in getting involved with KAP. Emma is already very active with Surfers Against Sewage, but is keen to lead her school to becoming a Plastic Clever School in her role as a Kid Against Plastic.
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Isobel joins the Hall of Fame

| Blog
Isobel finds single-use plastic as annoying and frustrating as we do, and like us, thinks that it's important to actually try and do something about it.
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