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Town Lane Infants become a Plastic Clever School

By April 27, 2019Blog

Huge congratulations to Town Lane Infants for achieving Plastic Clever School status! The work that pupils did was nothing short of outstanding; so rich, colourful and creative. You can just tell they had so much fun learning.

We were so impressed that we wanted to use them as a great example of what can be achieved. We’ve included some of their photos too so you can see the exhibits the children worked on.

How they went about it

Written by Acting Head, Sarah Macaskill

We decided as a school to spend a whole half term on the topic of plastic pollution to link with the government target of no single use plastics in schools by 2020.

We decided to hold a school exhibition to showcase our learning and inspire our local community to action too. We invited our local MP Alison McGovern to our exhibition as well as key members of our school community. We wrote letters to Alison informing her of all we had learnt and how we would like her to help. She has taken a selection of our letters to raise points at Prime Minister’s question time.

Year 1 pupils also wrote letters to our local milk company about the use of plastic straws . Our ECO community carried out an initial audit of single use plastics across our school. As a result of this we have ordered new recycling bins and they are leading this project. Initially staff carried out research for their subject area of responsibility e.g the Art lead researched plastic art techniques. We found that Pinterest was a great help!

We presented ideas for our subject at an initial staff Inset day and from these ideas teachers created medium term plans to map out the half term. The inset day was held in September and the project began in February to give staff plenty of time to plan. As science lead I researched curriculum links for science for our age range (we are an Infant School age 2-7 and have 350 pupils).

I focused on plastic within food chains for example in Year 2 to meet our science objectives and plastic inventors. We sorted materials into natural/manmade and recyclable/non recyclable using Venn and Carrol diagrams. We carried out investigations such as ‘which bag is the best?’ . The year 2 pupils took this question and designed their own experiment to see which material was best for a bag. Some decided to test strength and some pupils decided to look at how waterproof the material was. We also researched sea creatures, thinking about how suitable they were for their environment based on their features.

It was a lot of work to create new schemes of work but the children were completely inspired by this topic and the work produced has been outstanding.

As a school community it has also brought us together to work towards  a common goal and we are committed to continue to make a difference to our world by reducing plastic waste.

The Gallery

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