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U-fill, the world’s first refillable glue stick was recently launched to tackle the major environmental issue of glue sticks ending up in landfill.

Glue sticks are contaminated with left over glue meaning that often these do not actually get recycled like we think they do.

The U-fill system makes it easy for children to do their part in preserving the planet, once the glue stick has been used, simply twist out the empty U-fill dispenser and replace with a new U-fill refill.

That takes care of the issue of sending glue sticks to landfill, but what about the empty U-fill containers?

Learn Play Nexus collect your empties in the original box to reuse in production, or more excitingly you can keep these to reuse yourself. The useful screw cap, air tight containers can be used for liquids and paints, filled with materials such as beads to create a musical instrument, connected together for patterning and sequencing in maths and much more!

We understand refilling empty glue sticks takes time however a little time for the good of our planet is something we can all agree.


If you think the U-fill solution is something that might benefit your school, get in touch with Kids Against Plastic for an exclusive offer.

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