Action against plastic:
  • I clean up all the plastic on beaches in rivers and on the land.
  • I made a fancy-dress costume out of recycled plastic which told everyone in Gala Week about plastic pollution and how it could hurt creatures.
  • I put my slogan ‘The Sea Is Not A Dustbin’ onto badges made out of recycled milk bottle tops to help spread my message to everybody in the whole world. I give any donations to the Devon Wildlife Trust.
  • In church I gave a talk about how to protect God’s beautiful world and how it was being destroyed by horrible plastic pollution.
  • I wrote a letter to Theresa May to ask her to make it easy for people to buy travel pouches with knives forks and spoons in them to carry around instead of using plastic ones. If they do want to use plastic ones, then they should pay for them like all the shopping they get.
  • I wrote a letter to Waitrose to ask them to stop over packaging their organic fruit and vegetables in plastic which pollutes the world.
  • I did a Blue Peter time-capsule competition. I didn’t win, but I was shortlisted.  I gave a message for the children who would open it saying I was going to help clean up the world for them and all the creatures.
  • Mummy Daddy and I are making window stickers to put in shop, café and restaurant windows near where we live when people have signed up to stop using single-use plastic.
  • I am going to do a ‘source to mouth’ walk this summer along our River Otter learning about it and picking up plastic along the way.