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We were challenged by Klean Kanteen and Whitby & Co to buy no plastic wrapped food or drinks for the month of July. To help us complete this challenge we were sent us a range of reusable bottles, food canisters, coffee cups and festival beakers and used these instead of having to buy any plastic bottles, coffee cups or packaged sandwiches and snacks. Buying food that is not wrapped in plastic was difficult to do, but it was worth it because we felt that were doing our bit for the planet.

Plastic Free

As well as our Klean Kanteen challenge we decided to take part in #PlasticFreeJuly and give up all single-use plastic. Having products like our reusable bottles and food canisters meant that we were able to take food and drink with us and successfully avoid having to buy plastic-wrapped convenience food. We always took our Klean Kanteen bottles with us; these were extremely useful at school where there are water fountains to fill up from. Unlike a lot of other children at school, we didn’t have to buy any plastic bottled water. We also took food in the insulated canisters each day which kept our salads and fruits cool. The coffee cups and tumblers were great when we went out on walks or on journeys; drinks and soups were kept hot in the insulated containers.

At the beginning of the month, choosing to go plastic-free took a bit of getting used to. We always try our best to avoid single-use plastic (particularly the big 4 polluters: bottles, cups, bags and straws) but it made us realise how many everyday items are wrapped in plastic. It took more effort, more time and occasionally more money but we felt it was worth it.

Plastic Clever

It is difficult to become completely free of single-use plastic but trying it for a month was an eye-opening experience; it certainly makes you consider how much unnecessary plastic is used every day and will impact on our future shopping.

We think an easier option and good starting point is to become ‘Plastic Clever’ which means avoiding plastic wherever possible by using reusable items such as Klean Kanteen products.

Tips to become Plastic Clever:

  • Always carry a reusable bottle around with you so you can fill it up and not have to buy a single-use plastic bottle.
  • When ordering a drink at the bar, ask for no straw and bring a reusable one along if you need it.
  • Refill a reusable coffee mug and avoid using plastic ones.
  • Bring a reusable bag to the shops instead of using a single-use plastic one (it saves you 5p!)

Thank you and good luck on becoming Plastic Clever!

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