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KAP speak at Global Aviation Sustainability Summit

By November 4, 2018Blog

When ATAG (Air Transport Action Group) invited Amy and Ella to speak about single-use plastics at the Global Aviation Sustainability Summit in Geneva in October 2018, the Kids Against Plastic founders took on the challenge offered  and saw it as an opportunity to invite the aviation industry ‘on-board’ their Be Plastic Clever initiative.

Unfortunately, their slides aren’t shown in this footage, and they never did get to fully finish their talk – the sound engineers thought they had come to the end of their talk when the applause started 🙂

Never-the-less, it was a fantastic experience and they received some positive feedback on their talk and the Be Plastic Clever initiative.

Here’s what they wanted to finish with:

“So, listen up… us kids, and our kids, are going to inherit the Earth from your generation, and we don’t want the planet left to us to be one suffocated in plastics. Let’s all aim for a plastic clever future; one that when people jet off for a holiday at some beautiful seaside location, the beach that they step onto is clean and healthy, not covered in the plastic misused and discarded by generations before.”

Credit: Air Transport Action Group (ATAG)

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