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Isobel joins the Hall of Fame

By November 12, 2018Blog

Yay, Isobel makes the Hall of Fame!

Despite a few problems with email addresses ‘getting on’ with each other, we’ve finally managed to successfully connect an amazing young eco-activist, Isobel. Isobel finds single-use plastic as annoying and frustrating as we do, and like us, thinks that it’s important to actually try and do something about it.

In her own words, Isobel explains what drives her and what she’s trying to achieve:

I am passionate about the environment and helping others. I am trying to educate my school about single-use plastic and am refusing whenever I can. My family is now more aware of single-use plastic and we are trying to buy alternatives. I have also started an eco-team in school, and we are trying to achieve change in the school, and teach people about what they can do to help the environment.

Well done, Isobel! Keep up the hard work and we’re delighted that you want to become a Kid Against Plastic yourself 🙂

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