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Halloween Horrors!

By October 29, 2019Blog, Do, Plastic Clever

Our Tips for Avoiding the Ghastly Halloween Plastic

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and it’s hard to ignore the mounds of bright orange single-use plastic appearing in shops and supermarkets. So, here’s our yearly reminder to those who celebrate to watch out for the horrific single-use plastic around for the season, and some tips to be more Plastic Clever this Halloween!

1. Make your own costumes! Halloween costumes are often ridiculously overpriced and not good quality – in fact, over 2000 tonnes of plastic waste will be generated this year from Halloween! It’s a wonder how good some face paint or old clothing can turn out – it’s normally dark, anyway!

2. Don’t waste your precious pumpkins! It’s estimated that more than 18,000 tones of pumpkin will be thrown away this year in the UK! Avoid the plastic pumpkins, but put your good vegetable to use. There are some super simple recipes for tasty soup or pie – don’t waste a good meal or three!

3. Be more Plastic Clever when it comes to sweet packaging! It’s obvious that a lot of sweets and chocolate are given away on Halloween! So try to look for plastic-free alternatives to the normal plastic packets. Cardboard boxes of smarties or foil-wrapped chocolates are always a good bet!

Or, if you’re vegan like us, dark chocolate apples on sticks work really well, and are loved by trick-or-treaters!

So, avoid the true horror of Halloween and be more Plastic Clever when it comes to the seasonal decisions. And happy – or should we say spooky – celebrating!

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