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GUEST BLOG: Trade Machines

By July 18, 2017Blog

This guest blog was written by Molly from Trade Machines. Take a look at their website or their awesome infographic!

Want to help? Stop drinking bottled water!

Unfortunately, if we don’t pay attention to our actions and its consequences, we can do a lot of harm to our environment. Some habits are highly known for being bad for the environment and we try to reduce these habits as much as possible. We don’t keep the motor running in our cars unnecessarily because of the CO2 emission, if possible we even ride a bike instead. We turn the lights off when leaving a room to be more sparing and we don’t just litter if we can’t find a garbage can.

On the other hand, many people are unaware of the environmental consequences the usage of single-use plastic has. We assume, that as long as we recycle the plastics we use, we aren’t doing much harm but this isn’t quite the case. 275,000 tonnes of plastic are used each year in the UK, that’s about 15 million bottles per day and recycling collection rate for plastic bottles is only 57%. Not to mention, that many of the bottles which are recycled are downcycled, meaning it will only be remade into a lower-grade plastic, not a bottle again. While recycling is unquestionably useful, it still doesn’t solve the problem plastic creates. So what can we do?

If you look at the waste hierarchy you’ll see that the solution is to reduce and prevent plastic usage. This might sound hard at first, but there are so many easy ways to reduce the amount of plastic you use. Your first step can be to avoid buying bottled water. Not only can you help the environment, but also save a lot of money. And what do you lose? Absolutely nothing, since clean fresh water is running from the faucet!

Take a look at the following infographic to find out more on how the consumption of bottled water is harmful and why it is just not worth it!

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