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By June 18, 2023October 11th, 2023June Challenge

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  • Use plastic alternatives such as bamboo for hair brushes etc.

    Stop using wet wipes that contain plastic.

    If you do buy food in a plastic container, e.g. ice cream, reuse the container to store pens, pencils, trinkets etc.

    If you’re having a party use biodegradable plates instead of single use plastic ones.

    Use cloth nappies instead of disposable ones.

    Buy refillable products.

    Choose a product with recyclable packaging, e.g. Mars and its new wrapper.

    Convert the plastic into 3D printer filament after use.

    Make art out of the used plastic.

    Don’t eat chewing gum that contains plastic.

    Use metal / reusable straws instead of plastic.

    Buy in bulk, e.g. sauce in a large container instead of individual packets.

    Metal bottles instead of plastic ones.

    Recycled / plastic free pens.

    Press / dry flowers instead of buying artificial ones.

    Use glass / ceramic jars for food storage.

    Use loose leaf tea instead of tea bags.

    Make your own cleaning products and reuse the containers.

    Don’t have false nails … stay natural.

    Buy cotton clothing in preference to nylon and polyester.

    Use natural materials instead of sequins and glitter when decorating things.

    Use stone plant pots instead of plastic. They will last longer too.

    Paper / wood lollipop sticks instead of plastic ones.

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