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 helping schools reduce the amount of disposable plastic they use

Kids Against Plastic is committed to helping schools succeed in their efforts to fight single-use plastic and have created all of the resources a school (with pupils leading the way) needs. And they are all freely available to any school wishing to get involved.

All schools have to do to get started is REGISTER.

Ella tells you more in the short video below.

So, in short, becoming a Plastic Clever School just requires a school to take appropriate action needed to reduce their use of single-use plastic, including the BIG 4 plastic polluters (cups + lids, straws, bottles and bags), plus cutlery and crockery. Simple, but effective, yeah?

Start your journey to become a Plastic Clever School by filling in the registration from (found on the right-hand side of this page). We’ll then send you a getting started ‘Welcome Pack’ which will guide you through the next Stage, ‘Raising Awareness’.

* Please note: Due to the Covid pandemic, establishments like The Deep aquarium are closed. As a result, schools achieving Plastic Clever status will receive a KAP notebook instead. We will review this as things change. Sorry for any disappointment.

Infant School Setting

Junior School Setting

Yr 6 /7 Transition Project


Read more here about Damian Hinds’ announcement.

OK, now we’ve heard it: Damian Hinds (Education Secretary) has told schools they must eliminate all single-use plastic items by 2022, but how are they going to achieve that?

Well, our Kids Against Plastic Plastic Clever Schools initiative is designed to get the whole school onboard and meet the 2022 target, while empowering pupils to be change makers at the same time.

Use the form below to register your school or to submit evidence towards reaching your Plastic Clever School status.

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