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We don’t think that we should wait until New Year to make a change – if you’re passionate enough about making a change to your lifestyle, why put it off until a certain date? We do, however, think it a good idea to make New Year intentions – goals that you set yourself to achieve by the end of the year. They help you focus on what needs doing and are something to work towards throughout the year, rather than something throwaway that is hard to make happen, and has normally petered away into nothing by the end of March.

  1. Make at least 1 supermarket store stock non-plastic packaged water alternatives.
  2. Make at least 2 more festivals plastic-clever
  3. Collect 15,000 more pieces of plastic, taking our total to over 25,000 (a quarter of the way to our 100,000 goal)
  4. At least triple the number of signatures on our petition.

Now, these are our own campaign goals, but we’d love it if you could do something, even if small, to help us achieve them. For example, we’d really appreciate it if you could sign our petition ( and/or share it on social media, or just collect a few bits of litter when you’re out and about.

After all, it is New Year, so there’s no excuse not to make a change.