Clear Off

When you walk into the supermarket drinks isle, what do you see? Often lots of plastic bottles. Nearly all of our favourite fizzy and still drinks are in plastic bottles. But what if you’ve forgotten your refillable bottle and you don’t want to buy plastic; what if you want an eco friendly drink?

We found it really difficult to get a drink from the supermarket that wasn’t in plastic. We could get cans of Coke and Pepsi but no juices or… water. Many of us like to drink water but it almost always is presented to us in plastic bottles, single use plastic bottles that are only used for 15 minutes and then binned. We know so many shocking facts about the impact of plastic bottles on the environment and there are different, more environmentally friendly alternatives. Wouldn’t it be better if there were alternatives like cans or cartons of water?

We have set ourselves a goal of clearing plastic bottles of water off supermarket shelves. The first step was to get some of the alternatives to plastic bottles of water, like Aquapax, Vivid water in a box (cartons of water), Ugly water and CanO water (cans of water) on supermarket shelves. Once these alternatives are available we will focus on trying to get all single use plastic bottles of water off supermarket shelves. If we persuade the supermarkets then the drinks companies will have to change their packaging. We need your help though. Please help us by signing this petition to get alternatives on our supermarket shelves: https://www.change.org/p/uk-supermarkets-let-s-see-non-plastic-bottled-water-alternatives-on-the-supermarket-shelves

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