Clear Inspiration

Life can be hectic and the easy option is to grab a plastic bottle of water, juice or fizzy drink when on the go but it doesn’t make it right. Hopefully, with some understanding of the impact that single use plastic can have, you will feel inspired and motivated to make a change in your life; to make an effort to reduce the terrible impact it is having on the environment. Inspiration can lead to positive change.

One of our goals is to inspire others to make that positive change.

Making a positive impact

It is almost impossible to cut plastic out of our lives and we’re not saying everyone should. There are some small steps that can be taken, e.g. simply refusing plastic coffee cup lids, bottles, bags and straws (the big 4). Refusing to buy or use these items will have a positive impact. Remember to take along your reusable bottle, bags , straws and coffee cups or look out for non-plastic alternatives.

We’ve been inspired to make a change and refuse the big 4 and hope to inspire others too. We want everyone to #Refuse4Good!

Find out more about #Refuse4Good below!