Clear Education

Our first Kids Against Plastic goal is to educate people of the UK on the negative effects of single use petroleum plastic on the environment.

To cut down the amount of plastic entering the oceans and the environment, we need to cut down the amount of plastic being used, single-use in particular. There are a lot of myths and red herrings surrounding plastic, from consumption to recycling, and more people need to know about them.

A lot of the time, facts and information on why plastic bottles are bad are covered up, by the manufacturers in particular, but once you start digging for the truths, some shocking things are unearthed.

NO plastic bottled water companies use recycled plastic in their bottles (apart from Evian, who use a maximum of 12%). That means that new single use bottles have to be made from virgin raw materials, including the valuable oil.

Plastic bottles that are recycled are usually down-cycled, which means they are made into something of less worth than they were before, like fleeces and carpets. And when these items made from down-cycled plastic are washed, thousands of plastic ‘microfibres’ are teased from the material and end up in natural waterways.

Plastic bottle tops can’t even be recycled, because the plastic they’re made from is too low grade.

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Photo Credit: Waheed Khan
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