Kids Against Plastic

Raising awareness of the negative effects of petroleum plastic on the environment.


Kids Against Plastic

Raising awareness of the negative effects of petroleum plastic on the environment.



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TEDx Exeter 2018

We were honoured to be asked to give a TEDx at Exeter – one of the biggest TEDx events in Europe. Our talk was about how we think people should not try and be plastic free (cos that’s pretty impossible), but instead to become Plastic Clever. We hope you enjoy it.


Refillable glue sticks – a solution for schools

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U-fill, the world’s first refillable glue stick was recently launched to tackle the major environmental issue of glue sticks ending up in landfill. Glue sticks are contaminated with left over…

100, 000 goal reached!

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WE'VE DONE IT!!! We've reached our 100,000 goal (and a bit more!)! It's taken us 5 years to get here, but we're definitely not stopping. We chose our 100,000 pieces…

Guest Blog: Plastic-Free Decorations

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Here is a guest blog from one of our KAP Club members, Raven, on how she managed to get her school not to use harmful plastic decorations!Party decorations are, for…

Avanti PLC become a Plastic Clever Business

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Well done to all of the staff at Avanti PLC for registering as a Plastic Clever Business and meeting the criteria to remove single-use plastic from the workplace and encourage…

Hats off To Kids Against Plastic

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Its almost 15 years since I started teaching and just under 8 since I started trying to push the environmental agenda in my classroom. So, when lockdown hit, and my…

KAP film for SKY Nature

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An enterprising way to reduce plastic pollution

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M y name is Jan Pierce and up until last summer I was a headteacher in Derbyshire. I have been in education my entire life and to make a change…

Kids Against Plastic x Logitech

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As climate change continues to loom over our heads, the negativity and sadness surrounding it can seem overwhelming. But it isn’t all doom and gloom. There are many individuals, groups…

Litter picking gives feel-good factor

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The Christmas break and the general lack of things we're allowed to do these days presented us with an opportunity to do what we sometimes struggle to find the time…